What To Do in College for a Career in Medicine

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There are two pathways to medical school from high school. The first, more traditional pathway, involves attending college after high school and then applying to a four year medical school program during or after college. The second pathway involves attending a six or seven year medical school program straight out of high school. This route does not allow you to explore other career options as you are commiting yourself to becoming a physician once you join the program. In this section, we will focus on the first pathway.

While you are in college, you will need to complete the premedical coursework requirements, your general education requirements, and your major degree requirements. You will also need to take the Medical College Admissions Tests (MCAT). You will need to demonstrate through your overall and science GPAs as well as your MCAT score that you have the academic strength needed to complete a medical school education. Additionally, you will have to show through your extracurricular activities that you have insight into a career in medicine through research, clinical experience, leadership skills, and a dedication to service.

Map of Allopathic Medical Schools in the United States

Click a state on the map below to compare medical schools by overall GPA, science GPA, MCAT, In-state preference, and Out-of-state percentage for accepted students. You can sort the schools by clicking on the column header.

To view the full list of allopathic medical schools in the United States click here.

To view the full list of osteopathic medical schools in the United States click here.

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